Diversity in Recruitment

I recently attended a recruitment conference were the subject was “Women in Recruitment” and I was part of a panel which discussed “How can recruiters promote gender diversity to clients and candidates?”

It’s a big topic, and whilst the debate only lasted 40 minutes, it was one of those that could have run on and on. It’s a well-worn debate and it seems crazy that we would still be having it in 2014, but we are.

At Hasson Associates, we are fortunate to work in an industry where, broadly speaking, this isn’t an issue. Diversity is well supported through the industry, but it is still an issue when we get to the board room. There are a myriad of reasons that this is the case, but it can only be tackled by positive action from the top. Women In Research (WiRE) talk about this often at their events and it is something that we, as recruiters, can make a positive contribution towards.

However, in asking what our role is as recruiters, we also have to ask; what is the role of hiring managers, HR managers and business leaders? We all have a role to play, and as a community of employers and employees we should be proactive about this topic.

For most people, myself included, a hiring need can create a plethora of problems and taking time to tick all the boxes can be just another item on a lengthening to do list. As recruiters to the insight industry we can help by;

  • Ensuring diversity in the shortlist
  • Keeping you up to date with rules and regulations
  • Highlight and illustrate the benefits of diversity.

So, are you working with a recruiter who has the ability to focus on this issue and help you create a talented and diverse work force?