Do you really need a new job?

There is no doubt that this is an exceptional time to be looking for a new role within market research. Market research agencies are under pressure and often under resourced so they are working hard to fill roles. We are seeing greater flexibility, more benefits and of course higher salaries than we have seen for many years.

This is all good – right?

It is if you are genuinely looking for a new role but we are hearing many stories of people who weren’t really looking but encouraged by outside forces they found themselves on the job market. Then in some cases accepting roles too quickly without really checking the company, the job and the culture. This can leave you trapped in a job you don’t like and also in the situation of having to look again for a new job.

All this can be stressful but ultimately it can be avoided.

I say this a lot but it is your career and you must control it. I have always advocated that if you are ambitious and building a career that you should build a relationship with a good & relevant recruitment consultant – they will help you.

If you aren’t looking for a new job don’t waste your time. You can be sure that right now if you looking for a role you will find one and you will have to leave your current team and resign to you manager.

If that’s what you want brilliant – call us, but if you are enjoying your role, feel valued and respected and you are continuing to be challenged, continuing to learn and on target to achieve your goals – STAY!!