Even recruiters need recruiters too….

Crazy as it sounds, us recruiters use specialist recruitment consultants and rely on them the same way that you rely on us. People are always surprised that we need to use a service that we provide for our clients and candidates.

“Can’t you do that yourself?”

“But you’re a recruiter – why do you need help?”

These are usually the sort of comments we get – as well as a fair bit of laughter!

Most people think that it’s odd that we would use specialists to help us find talent, but even we know when to call in the professionals.

It would be hypocritical of us encourage you to use recruitment/talent partners when we don’t use them ourselves. We do this because we believe in using expert talent partners – it makes sense economically and is the most efficient way to build a team. Of course, like you, we use a multi-faceted approach and we love it when someone turns up or responds to an ad, but we can’t rely on that in the way that we can rely on our recruitment partners.

It’s a funny experience buying the service that we sell to our clients from other companies. We are hypercritical and demanding and we experience the same frustrations as our own clients do. There are never enough good candidates to see in the time frames we want. You would think that our understanding of the job would make us more sympathetic and patient, on the contrary, we push our recruitment partners to ensure we get the best talent.

We seek out people who understand our culture, who can get under the skin of what makes a great Hasson Associates’ team member and who can help us secure the talent we need to help you make the best decision for your career and your business.

As the owner of this business I believe that a good recruitment partner is an essential service, I hope that you do too.

If you want to find out more about what we do, please give me a call.