First Day of your new job?

So normally you would be planning your route, agonising over what to wear and nervous about what your new colleagues will make of you.

Not these days, it’s more likely that you are simply swapping one laptop and set of logins for another but the work place is still the same. Might still be an idea to think about what to wear but to all intents and purposes nothing physically will have changed.

For some, this could be a relief. The pressure of having to remember everyone’s names, the codes for the front door and – where the toilets are!… all gone in this new world we are currently living in, but for others it’s a real challenge.

It’s the first time in my recruitment history that we have seen virtual onboarding. It’s not been necessary within research & insights but it is now essential.

Since the start of this we have had several people join a new company virtually so here are our top tips based on what we have learned so far.

Our tips for helping you start a new job virtually.

  1. Set the scene, make sure you have a quiet workspace to start your first day.
  2. Research – use LinkedIN and the company website to work out who you need to connect with.
  3. Email all the key stakeholders to say Hello and ask for a video chat.
  4. Ask for clear definition of what you should be doing every day – and ask for daily feedback.
  5. Check in with your Manager & buddy if you have one, alternatively ask for another team member that you can speak to whilst you settle in virtually.

Overall, don’t be afraid to accept a job where you will need to onboard remotely, it is possible and allows you to move forward and you won’t be the only one. Talk to your new boss, you might also be home schooling so have a chat about the time you need to work with your children so that you can manage your schedule. Make sure that before day 1, you have all the necessary technology and if you don’t, simply ask. This is new territory for you and your new employer.

You can still make a good first impression without being in the room. Take a walk before you sign on for that first day, you can make it your commute to your new job, this will give you the headspace to make the transition and make it real.

Good luck, this is the job you interviewed for and you are going to be great!