Getting back to work

Slowly we seem to be moving back to regular living… It’s very slow and when we have ventured out, it is clear that the world has shifted. We queue, we wear masks, we don’t hug and we are cautious.

Getting back to work is also going to be an adjustment. For the last 10+ weeks, work has been squashed in between homeschooling, cooking, shopping, caring, clapping! The work/life balance changed as we worked at home.

What is your business doing to help transition you and your team back into the workplace? Here are some thoughts from the team at Hasson Associates:

1. Make sure your office is Covid secure and that all your employees know what is expected of them.
2. Make reasonable adjustments to support your employees back to an office – late starting times etc.
3. Communicate with those who are still in furlough and make sure they know what’s happening to their jobs.
4. Communicate with those who are still in work so that they know what to expect.
5. Make sure all your clients know you are ready!

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