Getting top talent into your team

As we see things begin to slowly reopen, it is time to start thinking about your team and what you need for the future. It is a challenge, especially when we are now used to working from home and you might not have all your key decision makers in front of you – so this is going to require careful planning.

Market Research has always had a shortage of talent, the best firms find, hire, and retain the people who can transform their business. This pandemic has caused many firms to stop hiring but this is an ongoing challenge, lack of resource can really impact your business. Start thinking about hiring needs now and you will have people in place this year to help you and your business recover fully from the impact of the pandemic.

Having the right team is critical but given how society and work culture has changed you might need to rethink:

  1. Who do you need right now in your team?
  2. What do you need them to do?
  3. What are the core values you need when you might still have to maintain a remote working element?
  4. When do you need them to start?
  5. Write a brief?
  6. Decide on interview process and if this will involve a face to face (socially distanced situation)
  7. Start the search.

When you know what you need, and you put the correct process in place then you are ready to start the recruitment process. Good Luck