As someone who still buys CDs, I am saddened to see HMV’s demise. I guess it was inevitable, as despite my love of the silver discs in their boxes and even the larger black discs in their sleeves, I still buy more music digitally than I do in physical formats. Although I still buy more CDs than anyone else I know! With Waterstones announcing its struggles this week – I only read books on my Kindle but use Waterstones as my inspiration – will we see this high street stalwart fall too? Only time will tell, if Waterstones can survive in an age where we consume things digitally more and more each day.

It got me thinking, will everything be digital one day? As a recruitment agency we are seeing more and more jobs in the market research world with a digital focus and although this is not new, this is the buzz. Clients want to reach consumers digitally and be where consumers are consuming! So what’s next for the digital consumer and where will it end? How does the market research world need to react? How will we be affected as recruiters? Will recruitment become completely faceless? Will we engage with clients and candidates differently? I am not sure I know the answers but for now I am digitally yours and can be downloaded immediately.