Ho ho ho, Team team team!

At the start of the year we were blogging and tweeting about leadership, talent management and team building. These elements are fundamental to the success of any business, but this year it seems that they matter more than ever.  We have seen strong evidence of how effective they can be when managed well – and how disastrous if managed badly.

Leicester City – what a team! They proved to us that a team with a common goal, a strong leader, desire and belief in their ability to succeed  – can do exactly that. Other football teams with arguably better players failed – why? Because they weren’t connected. The best connected teams are the ones that succeed. We saw at the MRS Awards great team spirit, whole teams collecting awards not just the MD or the Director – its shows great camaraderie and a sense of shared purpose.

As technology often means the lines between work and home are blurred, the “work family” has become a more common phrase this year. Companies such as LinkedIN have “bring your parents to work” days and we have a “kids day” every Christmas here at Hasson Associates. We find that our most desirable clients are family friendly and adaptable to the needs of their staff and that’s not just for people with family commitments, but also the entry level candidates as well.

So, whilst the greatest advances in research & insight have been within technology, the Bots, the AI, Mobile etc for us it’s still all about people. Who you hire and who you choose to work for are critical for long term job satisfaction and personal success.

2016 has been an amazing year for us and a transformative year for the Research & Insight sector. Thanks for all your support, custom and making us part of your story.