Impact 2015

This week saw the annual outing of the research industry to the MRS conference, which is always a key date in the Hasson Associates calendar.

Sometimes people ask why we as recruiters attend industry conferences. The common assumption is that we want to pick up new clients and candidates, and whilst that is a part, it isn’t the primary reason.

As recruiters we work alongside the Research industry, and the more we know, the better we can serve our clients and candidates. The discussions of the industry are invariably the discussions we have in our office when we are discussing jobs and candidates. Greater understanding of what’s going on means that we will do a better job of finding solutions for all of our clients. That’s our primary reason for attending, and this year 4 of us where able to attend Impact 2015.

What were the words that we heard most? Happiness, emotion, empathy, behavioural economics and even mindfulness. There were debates and showcases that really didn’t focus on the traditional qual and quant, but on diversification, innovation and integrated approaches. It’s exciting to hear about changes and developments in technology.

Deborah Mattinson’s discussion on voting intention was great and topical, with very impressive speakers, and left us all in fear of the car crash election. That was definitely a talk that could have gone on and on. Kate learned about psychopaths, which was interesting and slightly scary, and Nicky found out why men buy sex. Who says research is dull!

It is great to see the industry out in force, all focused on a common goal to promote research and insight. There could have been more young people there – we feel it would be very motivating for the junior researchers and the undecideds to see the power of insight and to meet thought leaders.

For us, it’s an important date for our calendar and we take the learnings back to the wider team, and of course it’s always nice to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

So thanks to the MRS & the Impact team for a great conference, see you next year!