It’s beginning to look a lot like…

How time flies…it seems like only a few months ago that we were swaying along to cheesy Christmas tunes.

We’re off again, the Christmas adverts have been analysed and criticized. We’ve been advised on the ideal gift for all and we keep being told how many shopping days there are until Christmas and I suspect we are only days away from Christmas tunes on the radio.

BUT before you get pulled into the time vortex that is the Christmas season take a breath and have a think about what you’ve done this year and what you want to do.

There are plenty of job hunting days left before we switch the computers off and head for home Christmas. For us this is always a hectic time of the year; clients are busy and under pressure and they need people, they might need you. Our job is to help to solve any resourcing issues as painlessly as possible.

It’s a strange thing; the end of December creates a sense of urgency and becomes a massive deadline for everyone. We have to have offers accepted and start dates confirmed before we head off head off for mistletoe and wine and our clients need to know that they will start the new year with the right team in place.

It’s also a great time for freelancers/contractors. Major deadlines for clients, changes to projects, holidays and sickness can all leave a client shorthanded so can be a great opportunity for any contractor.

So before you start knocking back the mulled wine and humming along to Slade, update your CV and call your recruiter.