It’s good to talk!

We talk a lot at work about relationships, and not always just about the relationships in Game of Thrones – although that does come up a lot! (I am a recent convert).

It’s one word that encompasses so much and in whatever role you have it is key. It should be on every job description we see.

The “ability to develop and maintain relationships” is crucial whether or not you have a client facing role. It is just as important to build relationships with colleagues as it is with external clients.

In the market research industry even the most “back room” of roles now has a requirement to build relationships and be a strong communicator. It’s tough if it isn’t a skill you are comfortable with and we work closely with candidates to help them to develop their confidence when interviewing.

In the early days of my career these relationships always started by phone and then moved to a face to face meeting.

Now it is phone/text/social media – it is almost vintage to have an actual face to face conversation.

The strongest and most successful relationships we have are those where we meet our candidates and clients. You gain a different level of insight in a physical meeting and that’s ultimately what we as recruiters are doing.

So don’t be afraid to make the time, most recruiters, and I definitely include our team in this, will meet before work, after work and in a location that’s convenient to you.

Last year 60% of all the candidates we found a job for were people who we have a long standing relationship with – they trust us and we know them.

So make the time, build the relationship and it will pay you back countless times.