It’s summer time, but where are my staff?

ENGLISH SUMMERS – The sun makes an appearance (if only briefly), the flowers are in full bloom (sort of), and we can finally start taking our coats off (usually).

Another annual occurrence is the summer holiday, with every employee trying to book their tropical vacations in hope of sunning themselves beachside, a large refreshment in hand.

This brings with it the employers dreaded rush of annual leave form submittals. But the work doesn’t stop just because the sun is out. Therefore, what do you do when the office numbers drop while your employees enjoy their well-deserved annual leave?

Although having current employees handle their colleagues work on the interim is an effective solution on one off occasions or for short term periods, this may not be the most effective or productive solution should you have an influx of annual leavers taking turns over summer, leaving a clear gap in the team.

Never fear, there is a solution!

Why not try hiring a freelance or contract candidate over the summer?

Our interim candidates are available at short notice and work across the full spectrum of market research, including sales and operations, from generalists to specialists.

We have noticed that our clients have benefitted from this service most when they take on candidates at a higher level who can drop into the role with no training, allowing you to carry on with business as usual and without the added stress of having to train a new member.

Give us a call and find out how we can help you bridge the vacation gap this summer.