Joel’s September Food Challenge

I’m a sucker for anything in wrap form…

Shawarma, falafel, burrito – even sushi handrolls – when it can be held in one hand and eaten on the move it gets the thumbs up from me.

So several years ago when I heard about a place opening up in Soho that specialised in Indian kebabs I was intrigued. That place was Mooli and for a frugal lunch time person like myself it was a dream. Pork with pomegranate, Keralan beef with coconut & the king of wraps – the Punjabi Goat. So why, oh why did it close down?! (mind you it has been replaced by the excellent Koya Bar which is worth checking out but that’s for another blog when you can spend more than £6).

Fortunately a substitute was recommended to me and in Soho no less. About a year ago a mate of mine happened to have some friends from New York staying with him. After a night out on the tiles in Soho they were hungrily walking around trying to find some greasy food, when they came across the Kati Roll Company in Poland Street. Apparently the Americans guests started going crazy, stating that this place was amazing, they have one in New York and they’re there all the time blah blah blah…

To cut the long story short, my mate was impressed (and he can be fussy about fast food) and several months later we found ourselves in a similar situation, five pints down in W1 and in need of sustenance.
I can now say, having been several times (and sober I might add), that it’s worth checking out. I’ve already mentioned I love things in wrap form, well Kati Roll not only does wraps but they use freshly made roti as the casing. Oh and I should mention I love roti!!

You have eleven different options to choose from, four of which are vegetarian, and they range from chicken, lamb, beef & paneer.

My only criticism is with the sizing and the pricing. One wrap costs between £3.50 – £4.50 but they also provide deals where you can get two wraps for a slight discount (£7.50 – £8.50). This is where the problem lies, one wrap is not enough to fill me up at lunch but unfortunately getting two sends me off to sleep for the afternoon (not something my boss enjoys seeing).

However despite this sizing/pricing conundrum I highly recommend Kati Roll Company. The wraps are made fresh, are incredibly fragrant and have a good kick to them (below is a photo of the Chicken Tikka Roll)

Kati Roll Company, 24 Poland Street, London, W1F 8QL
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