Keeping focussed on your career goals

Is standing still really an option?

January 2021 has been one of the busiest months we have had in recruitment in a while in terms of requirements from our clients. Normally it’s a slow start in January picking up towards the end of the month – this year with no holidays to speak of, the phones were ringing steadily from 4th Jan.

When I look at social media, I see that LinkedIN and industry updates are full of news on hires, promotions, and new vacancies – often multiple hires for their teams. This is such great news for people growing their careers and starting in this great industry.

Since the start of the pandemic the market research sector has pivoted and evolved and whilst there were a few months adjustment last year, it certainly now looks like the market is busier than it has been for a long time. Companies are being optimistic about the future, brands are evolving, new products and services being developed – we are all adapting and that gives us as individuals an opportunity for growth and development.

However, the pandemic is affecting individual confidence in an ability to move, a desire to focus on your career when there is so much else to think about.

Homeschooling is right up there – how can you find time to prepare for interviews, interview and start a new role when you are teaching?

Environment – when everything is so uncertain do you really want to move to a new company.

Change – how much change can you actually have when you are basically swapping one set of logins for another?

Decisions – can you make the right decision when everything is on video and you can’t see, hear and feel a new company/boss/team.

We know that this pandemic will end, and society will reopen, kids back to school and we may eventually get back into an office.

So, whilst everything else in life has stopped, no school, no holidays, no restaurants, there might be some merit to focussing on your career.

Don’t let your career stand still, think about what you want in the long run, set goals and if that means a move then don’t be afraid.

The market research industry has done an exceptional job in adapting to remote working, to onboarding new hires and to adapting to these times.

As recruiters we can support you and take the heavy lifting out of your job search, curating roles so that you can focus only on the roles that you are interested in considering.

Don’t let the pandemic stall your career a new job, team, role might be exactly the change and motivation you need right now.