Lunch Challenge – Part 3

I’ve heard it many times, London is a city made up of many villages. Whether it’s Dulwich, Greenwich or Wimbledon in the South or Crouch End, Hampsted or Walthamstow in the North, Londoners love their village life. I’m no exception and I’ve fallen for a tiny village inhabited by double decker buses, surrounded by construction sites, all underneath the towering presence of Centrepoint. Basically a village only a mother could love.

To some it’s known as Korea Town, others call it Little Seoul, but essentially it’s a small concrete space no bigger than a football pitch, consisting of 5 restaurants and a supermarket, with some of the best value for money lunch venues in London. All the restaurants offer decent lunchtime deals but if the lengthy queues of hungry students puts you off eating in, my favourite little place for a takeaway is the Seoul Bakery (55 Saint Giles High Street) – which weirdly doubles up as a hairdressers downstairs (??)

My favourite thing to order is Bibimbap – a bowl of warm white rice with sautéed carrots, bean shoots, spinach with the option of adding sliced beef, fried egg & chilli sauce – which is all mixed together (the photo below was taken before I destroyed it). You can get a Bibimbap for just £3.50 for the vegetarian option or £4.50 with beef, but if you’re feeling really hungry and happy to stretch your budget, then get the upgrade which comes with miso soup and kimchee (pickled veggies) on the side for £5.50.

Also as an added bonus if you go before Xmas and you’re in need of stocking fillers, Seoul Bakery are selling socks with Gangnam style printed on it (come on, I couldn’t talk about Korean food and not throw in some reference to it…)
Joel lunch3