May, 2013

There was still no sunshine but plenty to talk about! As I write this blog the sun is streaming through the window and it’s putting a smile on everyone’s face.

May at Hasson Associates was a particularly busy one for the team. The market seemed to take a great big surge forwards and we welcomed clients old and new.

Interim hiring was definitely on the increase in May. Assignments ranged from 3 days – “can we have someone to help us write a report” to longer term 6 and 12 months assignments. These are great roles to work on as there is extra pressure and often tight time deadlines. For us it means that a quick response with the right candidate, of course, is likely to lead to success.

By working with interim candidates you also get the chance to meet a wide variety of people – some people contract to fit in with other aspects of their lives which can be travelling, sport commitment and some interim whilst they are waiting to start a new career. It’s always interesting as a recruiter to meet people with a wide range of backgrounds.

In May we also saw a new trend for clients whose primary need was someone who could write well. There seemed to be a move away from analysis of data to creative interpretation, insights and communication of those insights. This is in line with the topics of story-telling, visualizing insights and the focus on delivering those insights. It’s interesting for us as when the key skills required change, it opens the market to different types of candidates and that’s what makes market research so interesting.

Outside of the 9-5, Rosie attended the MRS Book Club and was inspired to set up a Hasson Associates Book Club and Sarah walked 26 miles round London in the middle of the night for the Walk the Walk, Moonwalk in aid of Breast Cancer.

So what’s next for June? So far we are continuing to see an increase in non traditional MR agencies hiring researchers. I expect that trend will continue and we are beginning to see more very senior director/ C-level roles coming up so surely that means that business is picking up for all. Let us know what you think – we’d love to chat.

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