May @ Hasson Associates

After all of the excitement of the election, and the many many blogs/articles/tweets from the industry to explain polling, May eventually settled down to business as usual.

Here at Hasson Associates we work across Market Research Agency – Exec and Operations; Consultancy, Clientside and Other Agency (media, marketing, digital, design).

We get to see a real cross section of what’s going on in the industry and over the month of May there were some interesting stats that we thought might be of interest.

20% of positions registered were for our busy @RPops Research Operations team

30% of positions where in the salary range 50k +

10% six figure packages

The majority of roles where from our core market research agency client base but;

10% came from the clientside


10% consultancy

Our clients tell us they are very busy and this is evident because of an overall commercial push; for the last 18 months we have been seeing an increase in demand for researchers who can build relationships/sell. It’s a key skill and one that if you don’t have it I highly recommend that you start to develop it, it’s essential.

Looks like it’s going to be a hot June so check that your CV is job search ready and send it over before you head for the beach.