Mental Health & Job Hunting

When you are looking for a new job, you are constantly told that you need to show your ‘best’ self – sound familiar?
Whilst it is important to show your ‘best’ self,  you also need to show your ‘true’ self.

In light of Mental Health Awareness week, here are some tips for job hunting that you may find beneficial, particularly if you have mental health challenges.

Use a recommended recruiter
A recruiter can help you prepare for interviews, but more importantly make sure you are speaking to the right companies. Knowing you have support, understanding, and guidance through the process should help reduce your anxiety and stress

Don’t be afraid to talk to your recruiter
Speak to your recruiter at any stage of the recruitment processes If you are struggling with stress or anxiety, whether it be interviewing, your first day or resignation.

Think about the environment that best supports you

  • Non-hierarchical
  • Structured

Be open and honest
Everyone has mental health. You will not be ‘tarnished’ for voicing your personal challenges. Being open and honest will allow all parties to understand, and provide the right service and support needed for you.

So, don’t shy away from your true self. Be bold, be confident and be who you are. Together we will ensure you find a role in a company that allows you to evolve… as you.