My daily lunch challenge

When I was asked to contribute something to the Hasson Associates blog, the decision of what content I would contribute was actually taken out of my hands. Sinead and my colleagues felt the one thing that I had to contribute to the wider world, would not be to pass on my years of recruitment knowledge or discussing the new trends in the market research industry. No, the one thing I had to pass onto the wider world was my knowledge of food. Anyone who’s ever worked with me knows that there is nothing I enjoy more than passing on a gem of a lunch recommendation.

From my time working in Covent Garden, Midtown & now Noho (stands for north of Soho, for those who weren’t aware), I make it my mission to hunt out the best lunch that a fiver can buy and pass this nugget onto my colleagues. Let’s face it with prices going up in all walks of life, the ability to spend as little as possible for lunch without compromising on quality, leaves one feeling satisfied without the worry of blowing out your bank balance. So from now on the theme of my Hasson Associates blog entries will focus around my personal lunch favourites for no more than £7.50 from the Noho/Soho area…

We start with one of my personal favourites from the Noho area (but also can be found in Soho), Yalla Yalla on Winsley Street.


Joel lunch

I love Middle-Eastern food. I can’t get enough of dips, pitta bread, falafel & grilled meat – all of it with pomegranate thrown on top – it’s a no-brainer in my mind. Also when you combine all of that in a wrap, which is then toasted, you have a meal you can eat on the run and it doesn’t drip…

So my recommendation from this Lebanese gem is either their lamb shawarma or chicken taouk with a side of pickles, all for £4.75 (today I chose the lamb version…)