My One Year Anniversary

It is my one year anniversary here at Hasson Associates and so I thought it was about time I made a contribution to the blog. I wanted to write a little something about my first year here to share with you all.

I joined Hasson Associates at the very beginning of August 2012 and although it’s a terrible cliché, I really don’t know where the time has gone. This has been an incredible year; one that I am particularly proud of.

When looking for this role I was still very new to the world of recruitment and Market Research, having spent my first 9 months working with a start-up where I learnt a lot about the industry and the process, which is what helped me to recognise that this was the start to my career. I soon realised that at this early stage I needed stability and guidance if I was going to be an equipped and accomplished market research and insights recruiter. After a bit of research and several conversations with people in the industry I found myself speaking to Kate Langford, Associate Partner here about the potential of joining the team.

For me the most enjoyable and important part of my job is building relationships with my clients and candidates. I always look forward to meeting new people and hearing what it is that they do, enjoy and are looking for. I find that you have to have a genuine interest in the industry because there is so much to it and when you can share that interest with the client and candidate, it makes for a more honest and open relationship which is appreciated by all parties. I am fortunate because I am interested (and nosy), I enjoy hearing more and more, and with the industry changing so much and so quickly, it is an exciting time. I am in the particularly fortunate position of being surrounded by industry leading experts and hope that I personally bring an enthusiastic and fresh outlook to the table.

I do believe you get out what you put in: this is a role that takes a great deal of motivation and hard work. There is a strong team-work ethos here; everything is very open and collaborative to deliver the best service, as well as to make for an enjoyable working environment, which I am grateful for. I would say my highlights to date would be helping candidates make some life changing moves; working with new and existing innovative clients to build their teams and finding myself part of a fantastic team.

If you are considering a career in Market Research recruitment, my advice would be to really consider and think about why you want to do this? This is not a role to take lightly, it takes time and commitment to build relationships, but with that comes a rewarding and exciting challenge with fantastic career development opportunities. Research the market, what is it about the industry that interests you – you will be speaking and hearing about it every day so read up on it. And speak to people who are in the know! I spoke to several Directors of market research agencies and an internal recruiter to find out who they were, why they did what they did and how they felt about recruitment, what did they want from the service? People are happy to help, so ask questions, seek advice and use this to determine what and where is going to be best for you.

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