New Look, Same Team


It’s a funny thing, a logo, a brand, and a challenge to make it current and representative of the personality of the company.


When we set up in 2008, we created a logo and a brand that felt right for what we were then. Now, 7 years later, it seemed like it was time for a new look, one which would reflect what we had become over those 7 years.

We started the process in February. First step was to pick the best design partner for us, someone who matched us. We found an agency who talked the same language as us and so it began. Drew London have taken us through the process from the first brain dump, through to a more complex analysis, and ultimately our new brand.

I loved the analytical element, and the fact that throughout the journey the team at Drew spoke to the team at Hasson Associates, as well as our clients and candidates.

Our new logo reflects who we are; a team of career builders, team builders who are constantly building our network so you can fulfil your ambitions.

We hope you like it!