New Year – Fresh Start?

We all do it!  Make resolutions at midnight on New Year’s Eve that are aimed at defining and making the year ahead more healthy, wealthy and wise.

We all do it!  Start eating chocolate on the 2nd January, sign up to the gym and go once, and spend the money we wanted to save each month in the sales.  So the fresh start…

Carry on with the chocolate and be happy with your new clobber BUT do not give up on looking for a change of job this year – opportunities are aplenty and if you are looking for better prospects, better pay and need a change of environment, start now.

Once you are back at your desk and realise why you made the resolution for a fresh start, get the wheels in motion.  Here’s your checklist:

  • Update your CV
  • Register with a specialist recruiter
  • Make time to meet with a consultant
  • Think about what you want out of your next role – what is important to you
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Secure the dream job!

Sounds easy and it is much easier if you make this a priority and your focus.  Looking for a new job is a serious matter and should be seen as such.  Make the effort, put the time in, be flexible and the offer will not be far away.

So don’t get washed up this year and continue to be unhappy in your current job.  You spend the majority of your time during the year at work, with the same people, so don’t wake up not wanting to go to work.  Wake up with a spring in your step and you never know you may well forget about the chocolate and even use that gym membership.