People say January is like a month of Mondays

In recruitment January is often the most exciting month. Once the last quality street has been eaten and the kids are back to school, the industry returns to work full of ideas and enthusiasm for the year ahead.

This makes it one of our favourites and January was an excellent month. We had a wide range of new jobs in all across the board and had a record number of interviews booked which is a very strong indication of confidence. There was lots of talk of expansion, new business and some very exciting new clients; it feels as though confidence is returning to the MR Industry.

We celebrate our 5th birthday this year so we will be launching several new products and services to the industry. We kicked this off by launching Hasson Associates International, which allows us to provide you with the same level of service that you receive in the UK across the globe. We are currently working for you in New York, Washington, Nairobi, Singapore and Bangkok.

So now that the dryathlons and the predictable January diets are over we are focussed on what’s ahead in 2013.

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