Ping Pong Social

So…where did the Hasson Associate’s team go for their autumn social? It has to be the one and only Bounce based near Chancery lane station for a fun game of ping pong!

On arrival, the obvious first stop was the bar where we found a range of beverages including a menu of mouth watering cocktails, beers and wine.

We were then taken to our table, given our bats and a bucket of ping pong balls which would no doubt disappear by the end of the session. We had an hour to fit in as many games as possible and teams were split into groups of four.  We all saw a variety of techniques that evening, some were showing off their ping pong skills and others were definitely taking it more seriously, especially Joel and Rosie who won a few rounds. If I recall by the end of our session, balls were ending up in people’s drinks, interrupting romantic meals.. and generally flying across the room!



After a good hour of playing ping pong, a well deserved meal was in order and we were all treated to a selection of delicious Italian dishes in the restaurant area.

We all had a great time and would recommend Bounce for a work social or a general get together any day. Who knows where our next social will be.. I say a good game of bowling!