Racism is not acceptable and we must do what we can do create a more balanced world.

There are many challenges facing us all today, many of which we can do nothing or little about, but championing diversity, creating level playing fields and ensuring that our industry is fully representative of our rich and diverse population is something that we must address and do something about. Lack of diversity leads to misrepresentation of brands and services, giving it your best effort isn’t enough anymore – we’re not making enough headway to really say that we’re on our way to a more balanced workplace.

At Hasson Associates we have a diversity charter but, events over the last week have show that this just isn’t enough. We all have our part to play in creating a fairer, more balanced and fully representative workplace. We know that diversity breeds creativity and recruiters have an important part to play in this by talking to and educating clients but, more importantly, by presenting balanced shortlists in recruitment campaigns.

Creating these more racially balanced shortlists is something that we at Hasson Associates can do something about, right now. Something tangible that we feel can start to push the dial, start to recalibrate the selection process and, frankly, start to address some of the issues around lack of diversity within our industry.

If you are a member of the BAME community and feel that you need help getting your foot on the ladder of your career, either in the market research or recruitment industry then we would like to help. We will offer you CV guidance, cover letter feedback, interview tips and general career advice to help you achieve your goals and help our industries create their goal of greater diversity. In the first instance please email info@hassonassociates.com with your current CV, a short paragraph on what you want to achieve and we will get right back to you.