Reasons for leaving your job

As recruiters we will always ask you why you want to leave your current employer. The reason we do this is because some reasons are valid and some reasons can be solved by a quick chat with your manager.

We ask this so that you are 100% sure that you want a new job before you start sneaking out for interviews, before you start taking furtive phone calls and before you start sacrificing your current role for a new one.

So before you come to see us think about what you need to keep your career on track. If you aren’t sure, tell us, we’ll always be happy to talk to you about your options and we will tell you if we think you will be best served by staying put.

Your reasons for moving can be wide ranging from a lack of promotion, change in direction of the company, change in location, your desire to move in a different direction, your desire to move to a different location through to your desire to develop different skills.  These are all valid and good reasons as they indicate progression either personally or in your career.

If your reasons are financial and you want more money or it is down to personality in that you clash with your boss/colleagues – have a look again, can you resolve the personal issues? Your HR department helps you with these relationships, can you take a different approach to them.  If it’s financial, speak to your boss ask about pay rises and explain that it is affecting your motivation.

When you resign, your loyalty will be questioned and for any employer it is hard to give a pay rise to someone just because they resigned nor is it a great indication of an employer either that the pay rise is only offered then. In short, don’t use resigning purely as means to get more money, it often backfires if not immediately but later in the down the line.

Before you get to the resignation stage, invest time with your employer and before you prepare to pack your bags have a look around and check that there isn’t anything still to do. If there isn’t and you are ready for a move then you know you are ready to go.

If you’d like to discuss reasons for leaving your job in more detail, please contact me on Sinead@hassonassociates.comor 020 7637 1300.