Saying goodbye needn’t be hard…

Last week we said goodbye to Freya Valentine. She was a great part of our team and we were sad to see her go but she felt it was time to move on and we had a lot of fun/wine sending her on her way.

We have been 12 years in business and over the years we have lost people – often reluctantly and after all this time, it’s no less sad, but it is certainly easier.

The things I have learned are;

  • Accept the decision. If someone wants to go, let them…cheer them on their way and remain friends. The employer / employee relationship is fundamentally just that and if someone wants to leave you, just let them. You are more likely to rehire the person you supported than the one you begged to stay.
  • Don’t take it personally. Find out why they are leaving and if there is any development issues there then take action.
  • Maintain the relationship – its a small world, don’t waste the time spent together by deleting their contact details in frustration.

So best of luck to Freya on her next adventure and we are waiting to see who takes her place.
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