So that was 2013 !!

Our final blog for 2013! What a year it was for all of us at Hasson Associates.

We turned 5! We had cake and some wine (we had quite a lot of wine in 2013!!)

The year brought lots of new things, new clients, new insight methodologies to learn about. We thought we’d do lots of international work but instead Interim had a growth spurt so we have really enjoyed being able to provide our clients and candidates with new resourcing and talent options.

The team stayed the same, a few altered hair style and some new jokes but no new associates. Joel became a Dad which cheered us all along.

We continued to do our charity work at Smartworks, always serving to remind us how fortunate we are and how important it is to balance what we do commercially. It’s been a great year, we learnt a lot and recently one of our candidates popped in to say thanks. It doesn’t happen often but it’s really special when a candidate thanks us in person.

So we’d like to thank you. To our clients thank you for trusting us to help you make the right decisions for your teams and business and for bringing us along on your journey. To our candidates thank you for allowing us to work with you to build your careers and all that goes along with it. We love what we do, we love working with all of you and though we’re heading off for Christmas we will be back in 2014 ready to start all over again.

So from all the team, have a really great break and we’ll see you in 2014. Ho ho ho….!!