Stand out from the crowd

In a tricky market your initial approach to a job must be spot on!

1) Make sure your CV is fit for purpose

Whatever your experience, make sure your CV is concise, well-spaced and user-friendly. (Definitely no more than 3 pages).

Check and check again for any typos or spelling mistakes and get a second pair of eyes on it too!

Use a modern and fresh format.

2)Network & LinkedIn:

Jobs are not always advertised on job boards. Hiring manager often outline a recruitment need in a one-off LinkedIn post, so make sure you are ‘following’ as many relevant companies as possible so you don’t miss these!

Recruiters sometimes work on confidential roles that they can’t advertise – so it’s always worth making a generic approach to a recruiter with a good rep who specialises in your industry.

Try to expand your LinkedIn network and make sure you are posting, sharing and liking as this will do wonders for your visibility!

Make sure your LinkedIn page is up to date and has a professional looking photo – also any recommendations you can get will add weight to your profile.

3)A targeted approach:

Don’t spam your CV to every job ad that looks vaguely relevant. This approach is off-putting for recruiters and hiring managers and will lead to more rejections.

If you genuinely feel the match is good, contact the recruiter or hiring manager directly as well as going through the usual channels; a well-worded cover-note, LinkedIn message or phone call can really help you stand out.

Take time to identify companies which are very much aligned to your skill set and make a strategic approach – and remember you’ll probably get a better hit-rate with line managers than with HR!