Strange times in the job-hunting world!

Video interviews are now the norm and people can have 3 or 4 before a decision is made. One of the things we have spoken about over and over as a team, is the challenge of working out if a company is right for you based on a series of video calls.

You can’t see the environment – you are often zooming from your home office to theirs so you miss sitting in a reception area; watching people interact; observing the environment all those things that help you to make these crucial decisions.

Here are some questions that might take the place of those observations;

  • How long do people stay with you – and how do you retain staff?
  • How have you supported your people through the pandemic?
  • How has your culture adapted to the pandemic?
  • How do you reward success and how would you describe your management approach? How would your team describe your management approach?

We often say to people they should follow their gut instinct but that is challenging when you cannot physically see those things. These questions may help fill in the gaps for you.

Happy job hunting and best of luck in finding that new work home!