Thank you

Normally at the end of every year we write a blog. We talk about the key trends, what we have seen and what we expect from the year ahead.

Given the uniqueness of this year I thought I would take the opportunity to thank those people who have been involved in our story this year.

I would like to thank our many suppliers who in the face of their own business crisis, reached out to offer better payment terms, free services and support.

Our Accountants @Azuki who translated the governments schemes into our reality leaving us free to focus on the business. Our IT company @Granite who took care of everything so that we could focus on looking after our clients and candidates.

APSco who provided an amazing level of support and really showed how important is it to be part of a professional body. The MRS who supported our clients and the MRBA who supported our candidates whilst we and they navigated a new normal (and yes – totally over that word).

I would like to thank our clients who let us into their world and allowed to support them and their teams both with recruitment and also practical advice around working through a pandemic.

Its been a challenging year for our sector but there have been strong signs of growth and recovery and some really amazing new players, the market research sector has adapted and shown creativity and resilience.

My biggest thanks goes to the team @HassonAssociates who kept going whilst juggling education of children; training of new puppies and the stresses and strains of life in Covid.  We shared a lot this year as we worked from our kitchen tables/home offices so thank you Abi, Anna, Catherine, Charles, Damon and Nikki and also to Danny & Julia.