The Brand is You

The next rising star/your next employee/the candidate is on their way to an interview, they have done their homework, they are excited about the company and the role on offer and then they meet the person they are potentially going to be working for and…..nothing.

You, the interviewer do not engage, you show no enthusiasm and the candidate knows within ten minutes that you are not someone they want to spend eight hours a day, five days a week with. Therefore, the role is no longer of interest and your next potential star employee walks away with a bad impression of the company and the brand, and ultimately a very negative experience has been made.

Okay, this is exaggerated but in a market where finding the right candidate is becoming increasingly difficult and competitive, employer branding is of paramount importance.  Anyone who is interviewing needs to be connected with the organisation’s values so shout about these at interview. Be enthusiastic and ensure that the candidate/ the potential employee/ the rising star walks away, wanting to work for you and only for you.  You need to attract and retain the top performers, whilst attracting top new talent and becoming an employer of choice – this will only be done if the brand remains intact during the interview process.

So if you are interviewing, be aware that you are the face of the company and that in the interview room, the candidate will potentially be making a decision on the back of that meeting.  Do not lose someone by giving a bad impression and ultimately a false impression of the brand, your company has worked so hard to get.

Employer branding is key to any company’s success and the brand is not only the name of the company, it really is YOU and you often only have one chance – so remember the brand values and attract the talent you really want and who will ultimately want you.