The great Hasson bake off

A very important question – who is the best baker at Hasson Associates? Could it be me? Well, the only dangerous competitors that I have encountered so far are Sarah and Kate, but given their recent lack of participation I would say, yes, it’s me.  In German we would say ‘Eigenlob stinkt’ for praising myself so highly, but if there is one thing I am very confident with, then it’s baking and I’m not afraid of saying that I’m proud of my baking skills.

Here is a picture of my latest creation, my world famous Zwetschgendatschi (for the non Bavarian speakers – plum pie crumble), the pie with which everything began.


Ever since I brought in this Bavarian creation of heaven, my colleagues demanded more and more. Of course I did not disappoint and have made their mouths water with a variety of cakes over the last two years, but despite this, they always say that this is their favourite and that “this has been your best one yet”.

I haven’t decided what my next cake will be, but I can already promise that my colleagues won’t be disappointed. Or will there be someone that can see me off my first place? Well, dear Hasson Associates, you better put your aprons on and prove me wrong … happy baking!