The HAlympics

The summer of 2012, will for the majority of the UK population, be forever remembered for the London Olympics and Paralympics and the sense of excitement it brought to us all.

The Mobot, Jessica Ennis’s tears or Usain Bolt doing the Mobot will be images etched in time  BUT for Hasson Associates the Summer 2012 produced its own Olympic memories and images, as the Halympics unfolded.   As with all truly great athletes it was important to have a big meal and be fuelled with liquid before the main event – Tapas and Sangria at Navarro’s in Charlotte Street are of course the staple for success (maybe).  After some friendly banter and gossip, the main event got under away.  Three teams were put together.  Team 1 – Bea, KateL and Rosie; Team 2 – Nicky, KateG and Joel; Team 3 – Catherine, Sinead and Damon.   Envelopes were given and inside each envelope were some notes and a list of Olympic competing countries.  The main Olympic task was to acquire ‘stuff’ that represented as many countries as possible that participated at the Olympics – forget the 100m final, this meant more!  The three teams trickled out of their blocks and all went in different directions.

DT CV Chinese

What went on for the next couple of hours was a mish-mash of bartering, begging and believing in a vain attempt to win this ‘blue riband’ event, akin to the worst and most cringe worthy moments from The Apprentice.  The shopkeepers of Soho and the vicinity were left bruised and battered but often with a smile on their faces, as they just gave in!  As the teams crossed the finishing line with bags aplenty, it was clear that Lord Sugar would have been proud (NOT).  Whilst an interesting collection of items were revealed, appreciative ‘ooh’s and aah’s’ were heard, but when the African nations were represented in the form of a calendar that should have “18+” written on the cover, Bea, Kate and Rosie, caused everybody’s  eyes to water and eardrums to vibrate with screaming apprehension as the pages were turned.

Team Joel Kate Nicky

Nicky, Kate and Joel bought a map of the world claiming to have represented the whole world in one go – yes, this is true and clever but was this the spirit of the games??  Catherine, Sinead and Damon bought a lot of flags, although were not always sure what country they represented.   The Olympic Committee got together and the winners, the team who had represented the most countries, were announced.


The Bronze medal went to Team Nicky, the Silver to Team Bea and the Gold to Team Catherine.   Although Gold, Silver and Bronze, there were no losers, only winners and to ensure that we maintained our physical peak, more and more liquid was taken on board to replenish (not always with good effect!) but more importantly to celebrate a great day, a great team and a great Halympics.  Can’t wait for Rio!