To app or not to app?

That was the question. There is so much conversation these days about what apps you have, what your apps can do and how there is an app for everything.

So our dilemma was – do you need an app for recruitment? Pros and cons of course, but in order to make our decision we had to think about what you, the clients and candidates, are looking for in terms of technology from your recruiter.

You presumably want to see what jobs are available and then you want to easily be able to get in touch.

As a client you probably want a bit of information about us and then you want to be able to get in touch.

So we decided not to app – it was too restrictive and complicated and we like to take the fuss out of recruitment, not increase the clicks required to find a job or a great candidate. Instead we have redesigned our mobile website to make it more user friendly. So check out on your mobile device and hopefully it will give you everything you need.

Or just give us a call, a good old fashioned chat always top trumps an app!