Top tips for making sure you have the team you want…

We all know that having the right people in your team is key to success. The perfect combination of talent can transform your business and everyone’s individual career.

As recruiters we are constantly developing new connections, getting under the skin of each person we meet, which means when you call us we are already set to offer the right candidate for your business.

Employee engagement starts a long way before the person arrives through the door for that scary first day. It starts when you think about your team, how you want to recruit for it and if using a recruiter, which agency you choose.

When you find the candidate you want, you need to be decisive, bold and confident in order to secure that person.

These are our top 5 tips for ensuring you are successful.

  1. Be open and a little emotional! – Explain that you want this person in your team and say why. Playing hard to get isn’t going to get you anywhere.
  2. Make a strong offer – not the one that you hope you will get away with but the one that will secure the candidate. (your recruiter can help with this).
  3. Be efficient – get the offer letter and contract out immediately (i.e. within 24hrs).
  4. Reaffirm your interest in the offer letter – cold offer letters don’t get the best response.
  5. Stay in touch – don’t wait until day one; invite them in to meet the team, have a coffee – start building the relationship.

It’s a competitive market, and naturally you want the very best person in your team. Stand out from the crowd and reconsider your hiring strategy.

For further advice on how to build a successful team for your business, give us a call. T: 0207 637 1300