Waiting for your employee to start?

So you’ve gone through the long process of finding that needle in the haystack. You’ve found the person that is going to help you, your team and your organisation move forward.

This can take a while; in the research & insight sector it can be up to 3 months to find the right person, never mind the long notice period. From receiving the CV through to negotiating the interview assault course, perhaps some negotiations around the offer and then it’s accepted.

Phew, sit back and wait until they join.

It’s a job done and you can forget about it until HR or your office manager remind you that you need a desk, a phone and some stationery. But what’s been happening in the interim for your candidate/future team member?

In recent conversations with our candidates we have seen a trend which is worrying. Candidates prepare for interviews and job applications, throw themselves in, absorb themselves in the process to ensure that they get the job they want. They succeed, they feel great, they are excited and then it’s back to the old and in some cases this can be for up to 6 months.

One candidate recently said she had to “put it out of her mind” otherwise it would be a long 3 months. What’s the cost to you? Chances are the current employer could seize on that and try to turn it around so that you lose your new team mate. Or they might rediscover what they loved about their company in the first place. Either way this is a vulnerable time for you.

If you are using a recruiter, it’s part of their role to ensure engagement through this critical time.

But what can you do? Where you can you should keep your new employee involved. Invite them to relevant events, include them on company news emails. Call them, meet for a coffee – keep them engaged.

It’s not always easy, work gets in the way but it’s important. A fully engaged employee on day 1 will make all the difference to the on boarding process.