Welcome Febe!

I am really pleased to announce that we have expanded our Project Operations team to include Febe Pritchard who joins us as an Associate. Febe is working with Nicky Geen, Associate Partner on our specialist Project Operations team.

Project Operations has always been an important part of the service we offer to our clients. We want to provide a full service which means we need to be able to provide the technicians who make the projects happen. From scripters to field managers, panel managers and the very important project managers.

Febe joining means that we are able to further enhance this service and our Project Ops team. Febe has twelve years market research experience, most recently at Simpson Carpenter but she has also worked at The Independent Fieldwork Company. When not working in research Febe has worked in the travel and tourism sector in guest relations. It is this combination of sector knowledge and a real focus on service that makes her right for Hasson Associates.

Febe is a great addition to our team and it also brings our Arsenal supporter count to three.

If you would like to get in touch with Febe she is on 020 7291 4643 or febe@hassonassociates.com